Thursday, October 21, 2010

Didya E'er T'ink

     This may be my shortest blog entry as it contains only one salient but, I think, profound thought & it takes the form of a question.  It has come to my attention through such internet viral videos as Zeitgeist & the whining of the pathetically parrot-billed squawking puppets of atheist apologetics that Christianity was nothing more than a repackaging of some very “well-known” (their words, not mine) pagan myths such as the stories of Mithra & Osiris.  Now, putting aside the hopelessly shallow, myopic & self-serving “scholarship” offered to support this fable, let us consider one & only one profoundly revealing point..  Paul, and the subsequent churches he seeded throughout the PAGAN world from Rome, to Corinth to Greece & beyond, speaking to & converting thousands, perhaps millions of PAGANS from their PAGAN Roots which for some ran deep into the generations of their families, let us consider the following question:  If these devout PAGANS were merely hearing a variation on THEIR OWN “Well known” stories, providing they had IQ’s exceeding that of the average parsnip, rather than be converted to Christianity, might they not say, “Hey! We’ve already got THAT “well known” story in our repertoire!  Jesus? Jesus?! We don’t need no stinkin’ Jesus!  We’ve got Mithra/ Osiris/ (insert favorite pagan god brought back from the dead here).  WHY CHANGE?”  In short, if I may be allowed a follow-up question, why so many converts among PAGANS who supposedly already had this OLD-HAT story “well known” for supposedly thousands of years?  Sounds strikingly double fishy to me.  What about you?  Hmmmm…?  Think about it.  I’ll get back to you!

Challenges?  Questions?  Gripes?  Groans?  Let me know what you think! []

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